Access My Account Online

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro believes customers can take better control of their energy use and the resulting costs by closely monitoring past data. We offer online access to consumption information for all business customers.

Depending on the amount of electricity you use, you will be in one of two different rate classes and therefore have a different type of meter. This meter data is presented differently on the internet.

If your peak demand for electricity is over 50 kW, then your rate class is commercial and you have an interval meter.

If your electricity use is less than that, then your rate class is General Service and you have a smart meter.

If you are uncertain, look at the top left of your bill from us, just under our logo, and you will see the Billing Class which will be COMMERCIAL or GENERAL SVC.

General Service customers can register for My Account to view their electricity use online .

Commercial customers can register for access by contacting our call centre at 519.743.3600 or