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Air Compressors

You could be using 20-50% more electricity because of an inefficient compressed air system, let us help. Even repairing the smallest sources of air loss can lead to big savings. 

 Leak Costs

Steps to optimize your compressed air system:

1) Self-Assessment  

Evaluating your compressed air system is the first step in improving its energy efficiency performance. Some indicators to determine if you should conduct a compressed air system assessment is if production has shifted, excess maintenance, air leaks or shortages.

2) Professional Assessment

Next the compressed air system should be evaluated by a qualified professional. Pre-qualify for an energy assessment today.

The auditor's assessment will help determine ways to increase efficiency and identify cost benefits and priorities for implementation.

3) Incentives and rebates

We offer incentives and rebates for upgrading and repairing compressed air systems. Realize energy savings and shorter paybacks using Save on Energy incentives.

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