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LED Lighting

Over 150 businesses changed their lights to LED last year which lead to them receiving $961,214 in incentives and 10,119,775 kWh being saved. LED lighting is the best place to start for any businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency.

Other benefits of LEDs:

  • Brighter
  • Safer
  • Less maintenance
  • Less operating costs
  • Better light quality
  • Typical simple payback period of less than two years

Steps to switch and save:

1) Sign up for the LED Resourse Guide and access the lighting calculator here. 

2) Conduct a lighting assessment by a qualified professional which will help you determine ways to save on electricity and costs. Complete our brief form to see if you are eligible for a free lighting assessment.

3) We offer incentives and rebates for upgrading to LED lighting. Receive up to 50% of project costs for energy-efficient upgrades through the saveONenergy Retrofit Program.

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