Manufacturing Case Studies 

LED Lighting Upgrade - Colonial Cookies (Weston Foods Canada)

Colonial Cookies upgraded their office and production space with LEDs. The change from their previous inefficient mixed mash of lighting to LED lighting results in energy savings; cost savings; better lighting, especially important in quality controlled areas; easier and less maintenance due to a consistent type of bulb throughout which lasts 25 times longer.   

 Colonial Cookies SummaryColonial Cookies LED Lighting

Compressed Air System Upgrade - Dare Foods Canada

Dare had an air audit done on their system which revealed that their compressed air system was oversized. Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro worked with a compressed air supplier and provided Dare with a proper sized and more efficient system. Upgrading the compressed air system to better suit Dare's needs will result in reduced costs, energy savings and less maintenance.

 Dare Canada SummaryDare Canada

Process Modification - AirBoss

AirBoss had an air compressor process overhaul after they reached out to Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro's Energy Efficiency team to determine the process savings opportunities available. Converting their pneumatic compressor to hydraulic motors led to huge energy savings, cost reductions and a $137,000 incentive for their project through the saveONenergy Retrofit Program.

AirBoss SummaryAirBoss Process Modification