Property Management

In 2015, over 47 local property management companies participated in the Save on Energy Retrofit program implementing energy efficiency measures in their facility resulting in 1,752,088 kWh in annual energy savings. Through this program, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro paid out in $231,461 incentives to local property managers. Resulting in improved tenant comfort, ongoing energy savings and lower operating costs.

We've received program applications for many different types of property management projects from lighting to ventilation. Not sure where to start? Our team has identified big savings opportunities with these technologies.

Popular opportunities to save include:  

  • LED Lighting
  • VFDs
  • Ventilation

The above are popular ways to save but there are numerous other incentives available to take advantage of as well. Learn more

Let us help build your business case

Our team offers several services and resources to help you identify opportunities to reduce your energy costs. Fill out the brief forms here to see if you qualify for a free LED Lighting Assessment.

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