Infographic illustrating Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro's 2019 operational and financial highlights


Fast Facts

There's more to us than an electricity bill - Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro has been a trusted part of the community for more than 100 years.

Our talented team helps us deliver a safe, reliable supply of electricity to more than 94,000 homes and businesses across Kitchener and Wilmot.

Get to know a bit more about us through our infographic and the fast facts below.

Our Service Area

We deliver electricity across more than 425 square kilometres.

Kitchener was the first city to receive power from Niagara Power in 1910.

Our Effectiveness

Total Operation, Maintenance and Administration (OM&A) costs per customer in 2018 were $204, ranking us the lowest in the province. Source: Ontario Energy Board 2018 Yearbook of Electricity Distributors

Our costs represent roughly 15% of the average residential customer's electricity bill.

Our Assets

  • 1,009 kilometres of overhead circuit wire
  • 970 kilometres of underground cable
  • 8 transformer stations
  • 6 distribution stations
  • 11,000+ transformers
  • 23,000+ poles

Our Customers

  • 88,630 residential customers
  • 8,114 small business customers
  • 951 commercial customers

Electricity Distribution

Last year, more than 1,822 gigawatt hours of electricity was used in Kitchener and Wilmot

  • 37% of that total was residential customer use
  • 63% of that total was commercial customers use

Our Employees

  • 183 full time employees