How Power is Restored

While we do our best to ensure there are a limited number of power interruptions throughout the year, there are many events that may cause an outage that are beyond our control. When the power does go out, our crews are on hand to restore it. 

Ever Wonder What Happens When the Power Goes Out? 

Responding to a power outage is a team effort that involves our powerline technicians, customer service reps, control room and communications team.  

System Detects a Fault 

When our system detects a fault, it is designed to cut off power supply to a faulted area. This limits the number of customers impacted and prevents further equipment damage. 

Crews Called in and Outage Assessed 

If it is after hours, our Control Room calls in a crew. Next, Control Room Operator works on identifying the outage cause, location and impacted customer numbers.  

Crew Dispatch 

Crews are dispatched to the impacted area and determine the repairs needed. When possible, our crews will reroute power supply to impacted customers, isolating damaged equipment that requires repair and restoring power to a large number of customers affected. This leaves only the customers closest to outage root 

Completing Repairs 

Crews will then provide an estimated restoration time. Our crews do their best to provide an accurate estimated restoration time - but it is only an estimate. Sometimes they can return power sooner and in other cases they encounter additional issues that add time to the repairs.

Crews complete repairs and restore power.

Learn more through our infographic.  

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