Banner image of a powerline technician wrapping cable

Traffic Safety

Keeping our Roads Safe

To ensure that our customers have reliable supply of electricity, our crews work year round to maintain our distribution system - whether part of planned maintenance schedules or unplanned power outages.

Help our crew stay safe by obeying safety signs and paying careful attention in construction zones. It could save someone's life.

Safety Tips 

Consider these tips when driving through a construction zone:

  • Follow the signs - they contain information about traffic conditions, road closures or detours.
  • Be aware of constructions zones.
  • Consider alternate routes.
  • Watch for trucks turning and backing up.
  • Slow down in construction zones.
  • Walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway.
  • Ask for assistance to walk around the construction area if you feel you are unable or uncomfortable.
  • Watch your step -- Always be prepared for unexpected hazards.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like smart phones and GPS devices.

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