Banner image of powerline technicians working on a powerline

Electrical Safety Outdoors

Planning an outdoor project? Make sure you take the steps to complete the project safely. Look around to locate any overhead power lines in your work area.

Before you put shovel to soil, request a free locate to learn where underground electrical equipment is located. Call or click Ontario One Call to take care of all underground utility locates.

If planting trees or shrubs around your home, be sure to plant the right tree in the right place. Remember that a small tree now could grow to be much larger later and potentially come into contact with overhead power lines. Plant trees and shrubs away from power lines.

Keep your trees trimmed and a safe distance away from power lines. It is your responsibility to trim trees that are on your property. Learn more about how to do this safely.

Need a temporary disconnect to safely perform maintenance on electrical equipment? Submit a temporary disconnect request .