Banner image of a powerline technician working on a powerline

Metal Theft

As the value of scrap metal rises, so do the number of incidents of wire theft.

When wire is stolen from one of our transformer stations or our electrical lines, it puts our electricity system at risk - requiring costly repairs, creating potential safety hazards and threatening system reliability.

Wire theft can cause severe injuries and death not only to those committing the crime but also to employees, law enforcement officers responding to the scene and potentially the public.

Metal wires are an essential component in ensuring electricity system reliability. It plays a vital role in distributing safe, reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses in Kitchener and Wilmot Township. Metal theft could cause unplanned power outages.

If you notice dangerous or suspicious behavior around any transformer stations or electrical lines, please contact the authorities.

If you have witnessed someone stealing wire, please notify Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro so we can replace the missing wire to prevent any safety hazards.