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Electricity Retailers

Regulated Price Plan

Most residential and small business customers are eligible for the Province's Regulated Price Plan (RPP). You can also choose to buy your electricity through an electricity retailer.

RPP customers pay an electricity rate set by the Ontario Energy Board. The commodity charge on these bills combines both the market price for electricity and global adjustment.

Electricity Retailers Pricing

An electricity retailer will quote you a price that replaces the market price only, so if you sign a contract with them, you will not only see their charges, but also the global adjustment on your bill.

It is important for you as the consumer to understand what you are committing to before entering into a legal contract.

When Reviewing an Electricity Retailer Contract

If an energy retailer knocks on your door, do not feel pressured to make a decision on your doorstep. Take the time you need to review the offer being presented.

Don't sign a contract until you:

  • Get the facts
  • Know your rights
  • Review your options
  • Compare prices

Remember not to show your bills to anyone, unless you are interested in the offer being presented, this is personal information. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Service team.