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Payment Timelines

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro realizes that consumers may have many burdens on their financial resources and their time.

In recognition of this, we make every effort to provide time and notice to our consumers when a bill remains unpaid.

In some instances consumers do not pay their outstanding arrears, and in an effort to keep rates down for all customers, we discontinue service until the bill is paid.

The Ontario Energy Board mandates how we must communicate with customers facing disconnection. Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro meets or exceeds the intent of these regulations.

Information about our payment timelines is listed below. 



Electricity Used 

30 days 

Bill Issued 

15 days 

Payment Due 

23 days 

Reminder Phone Call 

6-9 days 

Disconnection Notice (Delivered)

7-10 days 

Disconnection Phone Call

48 hours prior to Disconnection

Service Disconnection

10 days from Notice

Service disconnection would happen around 90 days after energy was first consumed.