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Request a Locate

Planning an outdoor project? Before you get started, make sure you book a free locate with Ontario One Call - it's the law.

Striking an underground cable can result in serious injuries or death. Don't let shovel hit soil until you have called to book a free locate.

The good news is, you will only have to make one call to book in all required utility locates - such as cable, natural gas and electricity. Ontario One Call is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please provide them at least five business days' notice to process your request.

A utility representative will visit your home or business and mark any utility-owned cable lines free of charge. You may see several different colours marked, here is what each colour means. 

To book a locate, contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. 

Planning to plant new trees or shrubs? Learn more about how to plant the right tree in the right place to avoid any potential power line hazards.